Roswell funny farm. Feb 16,  · Dubbed “Britain’s Roswell”, the Rendlesham Forest incident, which took place over a series of nights in December , continues to fascinate UFO.

Roswell funny farm

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Roswell funny farm

A pragmatic character, Halt intended to disprove the wild rumours swirling around RAF bases Woodbridge and Bentwaters. Arming himself with a recording device, he set out to investigate. Could the lights have come from nearby Orford Ness lighthouse, for example? It went up and, like, took off at about a forty-five-degree angle, and if you would have blinked, you would have missed it… And we got a cold draft of air that lasted about a good ten seconds. He holds the attention of every age group and keeps you laughing until your face hurts and sometimes, your stomach too.

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Roswell funny farm

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