Funny pictures of florida gators. If you're looking for alligators in Florida, you won't find them on Alligator Alley. Instead take the Loop Road here's how to find it. Happy hunting!

Funny pictures of florida gators

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Funny pictures of florida gators

You can book this visit through River Ventures in Crystal River. The Plantation also has an on-site restaurant and offers its own dive shop and manatee tours, meaning you don't have to go far at all if you want to book a tour or rent a boat for the day. At one spot, where my wife and I stood looking across the water into the forest of Cypress trees rising from the water, we could not hear a sound. One odd animal you'll still find here is Lu the hippo. You can get monthly desk pad calendars or weekly desk pad calendars. I've got a thing about kitschy, Old Florida towns.

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Funny pictures of florida gators

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