Funny 4wd pics. Jul 19,  · Daydreamin' at the desk. Caution - heaps of pics inside! This is where to put those threads telling us about your 4WD trips.

Funny 4wd pics

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Funny 4wd pics

So all mounted and plugged in and start the car it needs to be running for the scanning and it scans the bus which takes less than a minute, about 20 seconds for me from memory.. If you are an experienced hobbyist wanting to toss your own electronics into a solid platform the Dominus is a great buy. Front bumper is from Aluminess, lights are from Rigid. We also added our OBA system and made a front hitch. Our biggest project began Oct and took us 16mo to complete. More bad light, sorry! Its a E 5.

Funny 4wd pics

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4x4 Fails 2018

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