Cranium the family fun instructions. Whether you are trying to find board game instructions for a family favorite or the game you bought at a yard sale, it can be frustrating to say the least.

Cranium the family fun instructions

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Cranium the family fun instructions

They then become the "Big Freeze" for the next round or can finish their drink. In some instances, these games may be known by a new name like in the case of Draughts now known as Checkers , and if you can find that name, you could find instructions on the Internet. Keep Copies of Game Instructions In the future, when you buy a board game take a few minutes to scan the instructions onto a disk. Most games are played the way you remember them being played. Unique Games Older games that have ceased production will be a lot harder to find. Each game has hundred of questions originating from 6 categories. For those games that do not turn up under new names, try Board Game Geek.

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Cranium the family fun instructions


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