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Victorious tori funny moments

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Victorious tori funny moments

The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: The series start out with a pure Ace , Shiori, in the first game, but the following Aces, Kaori in Tokimemo 2 and Kei and Teru in the first two Girl's Side games, are more of the Broken kind due to their poor social skills and other issues tempering their high qualities. Tokimeki Memorial 4 returns to Kirameki High, where the uniforms are transitioning from the traditional Sailor Fuku to a blazer-type uniform. Dancing Summer Vacation Mira and Maho both studied in Kirameki Highschool, and after graduation both are working as swimsuit models in the same photography session Tokimemo 2: Game Within a Game: One of the characters is a relative of Shiori and, being a last-year senior, is still wearing her iconic Sailor Fuku.

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Victorious The slap-Deleted Scene: Jade Grounds Tori

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Victorious tori funny moments


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