Funny denture container. Plastic containers, cutting boards, and cups are found throughout the modern kitchen. But these stain very easily. Find out how to make them sparkly clean.

Funny denture container

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Funny denture container

You are the first professional to contribute here. Again, I caution everyone to be sure any material they use is safe and non-toxic. Told me to immediately go to a clinic for the poor, indegent and uninsured. However, I have had only one dentist who suggested a less-expensive option--to used a stainless steel crown in place of a gold crown. That said, I am hoping that this glue will last for a while. Believe me, I thought long and hard about using this in my mouth and I even went online and researched the product to see how hazardous it might actually be to use it. We use the suction to help clean all of that away.

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Funny denture container

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