Bbc funny voice overs. Jun 20,  · Children's presenter Brian Cant has died at the age of He was best known for presenting BBC's Play School for 21 years from , and Play Away from.

Bbc funny voice overs

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Bbc funny voice overs

A much loved part of childhood - by David Silitto, Arts correspondent For millions his voice immediately evokes childhood. London based and now based at same studio as Piers Gibbon. His work provided the manufacturers with the information they needed to improve both the equipment and the training, which was very effective in reducing the number of failures as well as the fatality and injury rate. Cool, credible, smooth and genuine sounding male voiceover available on ISDN. Rich, smooth and warm. The warm, friendly voice was perfect for another children's venture - Trumpton, Camberwick Green - and the slightly more industrial Chigley.

Bbc funny voice overs

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Funny Animal Voiceovers (BBC)

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