Funny dragster cars. Funny Car is a type of drag racing vehicle and a specific racing class in organized drag racing. In the United States, the other professional drag racing classes are.

Funny dragster cars

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Funny dragster cars

Mark decided to race it. He put a rat in it and covered the blower hole with a snorkel style hood scoop. The two started the year off with a bang with Sanders beating Jungle at Pomona for the Winternationals title. D, in support of the use of heat treated tubing. Compression ratios vary from 6: The problems that original bunch had with the Rebel continued with Proffitt. Beswick stepped up to blown nitro after beginning with gas at the urging of future funny car star Frank Oglesby.

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2017 Nitro Funny Cars Drag Racing In Car Video 1/4 Mile US 131 Northern Nationals Motorsports Park

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Funny dragster cars


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