Measurement joke. The smoot / ˈ s m uː t / is a nonstandard, humorous unit of length created as part of an MIT fraternity prank. It is named after Oliver R. Smoot, a fraternity.

Measurement joke

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Measurement joke

Linguists study words, how words are strung together to build sentences, how sentences create meaning which can be communicated from one individual to another, how our interaction with each other using words creates discourse. Thus, when the inch evolved and was redefined in terms of the meter in , so was the typographer's point. You also have a choice between the US spelling and the British one: Note that all of the above are conventional values, which are only loosely related to the results you would actually get by using a thin dropper. A woman of 5ft8 and 66kg would very likely have measurements closer to inch waist and hips.

Measurement joke

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