Herbert jokes. Some are flat, some are apocryphal, but they are all presidential and therefore funny by acclamation.

Herbert jokes

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Herbert jokes

Lipson — even if that meant making an advertiser unhappy, McGrath said. So the doorman leads him to the dorm. Maybe he was as poor as we are and would understand. In , "Getting back to basics" was suggested as a replacement euphemism after the policy of the same name adopted by John Major 's government, which some Private Eye contributors regarded as hypocritical. Lipson was indistinguishable from the industry that dominated his career, his son said. Stories concerning goings on at Desmond's various publications are printed in most editions of the magazine, the nickname alluding to Desmond's ownership of several pornographic magazine titles and television channels and the supposed contradiction between their content and the "family-oriented" content of his mainstream titles. Bogbrush who usually sets the ball rolling by noting a recent news item and then adds an effusive comment "Great stuff guys!

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Herbert jokes


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