Greece joker. Greece Joker Results History (draw no / draw date / numbers). Greece Lottery.

Greece joker

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Greece joker

Whenever the top prize is not won it will rollover and increase in size until a winner is produced. To win a 2nd division prize — your winning odds are much better at 1 in 1,, for successfully picking just the 5 main numbers. The winning numbers drawn on this historic occasion were: This is good to know if you are living outside of Greece and wish to participate in the Greece Joker or even if you simply want to enjoy the simplicity of being able to buy lottery tickets online with convenience and even from the comfort of your own home. These days though this is not an issue as there are a number of online lotto ticket sales companies such as TheLotter that are legitimate and reputable — you can now secure your tickets from any computer terminal and from pretty much anywhere around the world. For a 7th level prize you have odds of 1 in for successfully selecting 2 of the main winning numbers plus the Joker number and for a prize on the 8th and final level the winning lottery odds are 1 in only 53 for picking just 1 of the main winning numbers plus the Joker number.

Greece joker

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Greece Joker latest results 10 Dec 2017

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