Fun facts about biomass energy for kids. Fun Stuff to Print. If you like to color, do puzzles and test your smarts, you can print out these fun activity sheets: Note: All documents are in PDF format.

Fun facts about biomass energy for kids

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Fun facts about biomass energy for kids

When it comes to renewable and non renewable energy sources, renewable is the best option in our opinion. Fun Facts articles, videos, interactives, and links to bullet biographies of key people round out this up-to-date module. Energy comes from the sun through a process called photosynthesis and is released when biomass is burned or decomposes. Nonrenewable energy uses up resources that we cannot recreate. Includes information on coal, oil and natural gas; biofuels; wind power; water power; solar power; nuclear power; geothermal energy; and hydrogen fuel. Once they are used, they are gone forever.

Fun facts about biomass energy for kids

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What is Biomass?

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