Fun 5k races in new england. Founded in , Loco Races was created by runners who were committed to producing great running events in New England while also giving back to the local running.

Fun 5k races in new england

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Fun 5k races in new england

There was a lot of food The police were awesome and the volunteers and the signs were very helpful so no chance of missing a turn. I would recommend these guys to any charitable organisation looking to raise funds for a good cause, they take away the hassle from the race and leave us to focus on putting on a good event. Awards will be given out to Competitive Waves only: This one was probably my favorite so far. Spectators We create a finish area that includes many exciting obstacles for spectators to watch their family and friends on.

Fun 5k races in new england

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Race for the Cure 2012 Portland Maine 5k Road Race New

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