Ford mustang hertz fun collection. 4 of 17 The Segerstrom Mustang Collection is one of the best you'll find anywhere, with a lot of Mach 1s among the Shelby GTs, KRs and Hertz Mustangs.

Ford mustang hertz fun collection

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Ford mustang hertz fun collection

There are Cobras all along one wall, every year up to and including a Shelby Series 1. Pictures above are in "show configuration", below are "street configuration", engine compartment, group shot with my other car, the "7 Litre" and a before shot Classicfords. Some things are already being boxed up in anticipation of the move. I instantly fell in love with that body style and with Mach 1s. His second one was a Mach 1, in which he ran high 13s at Orange County International Raceway back in the day. Segerstrom has a higher purpose for it all, once he finds the right place to put it.

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History of the Shelby GT350H/GT-H - 50 Years of Hertz Shelby Fun

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Ford mustang hertz fun collection


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